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Brian Stofiel- Chief Executive Officer - R.Jay Wilkinson- Chief Officer Operations - Allen Schroedel – Director of Flights Communications - Jason Beeman- Director of Business Operations

Stofiel Aerospace Team

We are addressing the ongoing demand of the commercial micro/nano satellite industry reducing wait times from 4-7 years, to 1 week launch turnaround. With 2,000 micro satellites waiting for a time efficient launch solution. Giving the everyday consumer an opportunity to reach space within days. Releasing the launch system from anywhere around the world with a weather balloon. From the edge of space using solid rocket motors only to launch cubesats into low-earth orbit. Stofiel Aerospace was created by 4 Kent State University Military Veterans. With the intentions of providing on site launch services for Micro/Nano satellites.

Private/Angel Investor, Large Corporations, Venture Capitalist


  • Stofiel Aerospace LLC. Will address the High Demand for Small Satellites (CubeSats) needing Launch Services to Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

  • Using Solid Rocket Motors, we mount the CubeSat to a rocket, and then attach the rocket to a Weather Balloon System

  • Anywhere in the World, from a Parking-Lot or Small Field, we release the Small Launch Vehicle Balloon System to the edge of space

  • From the earths atmosphere we launch the rocket into Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

  • The CubeSat releases from the rocket where it orbits in LEO

  • Weeks to Months later the CubeSat re-enters the earths atmosphere and burn up

  • CubeSats weigh 2-3 LBS. Mostly used for earth imagery or gathering scientific data

  • Our Launch Services will be available within short notice, anywhere On Demand/Site

  • In the next 3 years 2,000 CubeSats will be waiting for a Launch Service to Space

  • Stofiel Aerospace is looking for investors to help fund our Small Launch Vehicle

  • A-Round Funding- Private/Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, Large Corporations

  • Investors fully repaid after 100 Small Satellite Launch Services

  • Stofiel Aerospace Consist of 5 Military Veterans who met at Kent State University


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Cleveland, OH

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